Silver Hair, Don’t Care

So if you follow me on social media, you have seen that I have colored my hair an ultra-trendy shade of silver, and have thus become an ethereal fairy mermaid princess. Before I went all in with this color, I did a lot of research and found that there weren’t too many helpful tutorials on achieving the look from start to finish, and how to troubleshoot any problems. So I am going to be the one to tell you exactly how you, too, can get silver locks. 

First, just a disclaimer, I have been coloring my hair myself since I was 12; my mom used to be a colorist and so I have a pretty basic understanding of hair color. If you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, it’s best you go see a professional. Also, this color is not for the faint of heart- the process is damaging and the upkeep is expensive and extensive, if you want you color to last past its first wash. If that hasn’t scared you off, let’s get into it!

First things first, before you can even start with the color itself, your hair must be platinum. I mean as white as you can get it. You can’t have any trace of yellow in your hair. While the toner you will be using will help to cancel out any yellow, you won’t get that silver color unless your hair is white. Otherwise you will end up with a very pretty ash blonde, but that’s not what you’re going for. To bleach my hair, I use boxed bleach-Feria Absolute Platinum. I find that boxed bleach is super idiot proof, rather than mixing it yourself and risking your hair falling out cause you used a higher volume developer than you needed. For my length, I use three boxes, and this gets my hair very white (although my hair is light to begin with- it might take a few tries if you have darker hair). Just follow the directions, and be especially careful if you have multiple colors in your hair. I started with ombré (dark blonde at the roots), so that required a little extra care to make sure it would come out even. Remember, if you want to keep this color, you will have to bleach your roots every time you have regrowth.

Once your hair is platinum, you can actually get to the color! I used Wella Color Charm in T14 Palest Ash Blonde and 50 Cooling Violet. T14 is a silver toner, while 50 is an grey additive, meaning it is intended to be added to another permanent color to get an ashier color. I chose to use this the same as the toner. Directions are on the back of the toner and again are super idiot proof. Start with clean, damp, towel dried hair and mix one part toner to two parts volume 20 developer. I used the Cooling Violet on my roots and the Palest Ash Blonde on the ends. As you can see, the ends are a very light grey/ shiny silver color. The roots are slightly darker. This color is very dimensional, in some lights it almost looks white, in some lights it has a blue tinge (that’s just the nature of the dye, as it has to be blue based to get such a cool tone). All of the pictures I included in this post have different lighting, so you can see exactly what I mean. 

And that’s it, the color is pretty simple! As long as you are starting from platinum, you can’t really go wrong. Now let’s get to the upkeep. Silver/ grey is incredibly susceptible to fading and/ or turning brassy. First thing you need to invest in is shampoo. Purple shampoo, like this Shimmer Lights, will keep your hair from getting brassy and will redeposit color in between toning sessions. This shampoo works like a charm, but can be very drying, so I also like to use a sulfate-free shampoo every other wash. I really like the Bumble & Bumble Color Minded shampoo and conditioner. Luckily a little goes a long way, because the bottles are small and fairly expensive. Now that you have your shampoo, you’ll also want to purchase a good dry shampoo cause- guess what?- you are not going to be washing your hair often (I use Prêt-à-Powder by Bumble & Bumble). No matter what products you are using or how good you are taking care of your color, the more you wash it the faster it will fade, and this color is already going to fade fast! If that grosses you out, maybe this is not your color ☹️.  I also recommend cutting back on heat styling. Your hair will already be hurting a little bit, and you’ll want to avoid conditioning masks (at the risk of fading your color). I just bought this styling product from Bumble & Bumble called Don’t Blow It, which is for air dried hair. It helps to smooth any flyaways and enhances your natural texture. That way your hair can have a break from heat without looking like you rolled out of bed every morning. 

Regardless of how well you are taking care of your color, you will still need to tone your hair every few weeks. Like I said, it’s an expensive process that requires a lot of upkeep, but if your down for it, this color not only turns heads but is also surprisingly flattering! 

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