Halloween Series: Galaxy

I have seen several of these galaxy inspired makeup tutorials going around the internet, and although it’s not exactly original, I really wanted to try it out for myself. It is so simple for a last minute costume, utterly adorable, and everything you need you probably already have at home.

To start, I laid down a thin layer of foundation just to even out my skin tone, and did my brows as normal. I started in with the pink shade, using NARS blush in Orgasm. Most of you probably have this already- you can use whatever you like- but when applied wet, it has an iridescence that is beautiful for this look. I placed this around my face mostly like I would bronzer. The key to this look is layering, so be messy and build the color up in certain areas, while leaving others with just a light dusting of color. I also applied this on the inner portions of my brows and on my lips. You can add in some purples and deeper pinks too if you feel like it’s looking a little flat. For the blue, I used a pale blue shimmer eyeshadow as well as turquoise and navy colors to layer and add depth. I also used the navy to create a smokey eyeliner effect. 

As a highlight, I used Nyx Roll-On Shimmer in Platinum. I applied this to the tops of my cheekbones, but kept it clustered so it had a more cloud-like appearance. Using a white liquid liner, I started painting on the stars. I made larger dots and then connected them with smaller dots to give the illusion of constellations, and then randomly placed dots pretty much all over. To look more like stars, keep them clustered and the shapes irregular. I also added in some brighter stars by just drawing Xs.

I applied the blue just under my lips and in the hollows of my collarbone and neck, and applied some pink to my chest. My favorite part of this whole look are the pink iridescent drips. I did them under both eyes, out of the corner of my mouth, and down my neck. To do this, I took a small amount of blush and crumbled it into a loose pigment, and then mixed it with a ton of water. It should drip fairly easily, but I did have to manipulate some, and for others I let dry and then went back in with more blush to intensify the color. 

I topped it off with some milkmaid braids, I don’t know why but it looked cute af. And that’s it! It’s super easy and quick to get this look, and this makeup can go with several different costume ideas. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also unexpected for any party (it doesn’t have to be a costume party, I highly recommend this look for real life). Check back in Monday for our next spooky look! 

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