Halloween Series: Frostbitten Ice Queen

I’ve been debating over this look for a while now. I’ve seen many snowy princess sort of looks around and there’s a ton of inspiration out there, but I wanted to steer away from something too sweet. I love the combination of pretty and gory for Halloween, a look that’s beautiful but still has substance. So I decided to do my take on the classic ice queen- a sort of sweet woodland woman with some serious frostbite. 

I went in with a super pale foundation several shades lighter than my skin tone. For brows, I went in with a blonde pencil and made them look bushy and disheveled. I did a cut crease using grey and mauve shadows, and silver on the lid. The shading doesn’t have to be perfect, it looks better if it’s a little messy. I lined my lower lashline with the same silver, and used the grey shadow to accentuate the bags under my eyes and give them a more rounded appearance. I used white liquid liner to coat my lower lashes. A light contour is all you need on your cheekbones and temples, and then highlight with silver glitter (YAS). I then applied some sugar using eyelash adhesive to look like frost on my brows and around my eyes and mouth. At this point, you could leave it, but we’re not about that life. 

For the prosthetics, I used the same technique for the Black Dahlia look. Lay down some eyelash glue wherever you’d like your frostbite, and then once tacky, lay down a thin layer of tissue flat. Apply a generous amount of glue on top. Once dry, grab some tweezers and go to town! Start in the middle of the tissue, tearing outward to make a crater. Take your time doing so, and pull the tissue (“skin”) up and out so it has a lot of texture.

To color the frostbite, I took pink and mauve eyeshadows first and went around the perimeter of the sores to create an irritated appearance. Using a burgundy shadow, I filled in the inside of the sores, and then layered in black shadow for depth. You can also take the black shadow outside of the sore to make the surrounding skin look more dead. 

Take the black shadow inside your lips. For the final touches, take a coagulated blood gel from any Halloween store and gently build this up inside the sores. We aren’t going for a dripping effect, it’s just to make the sore look open and wet. And that’s pretty much it. It’s a deceivingly simple look to create and definitely brings the creep factor to a typically pretty look. Plus you can pile on the clothes with this wintery costume because, lets be real, it’s too cold for the skimpy store-bought ones. Enjoy!

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