Halloween Series: Golden Goddess

I wanted to do something fairly simple, but equally striking and beautiful. Everybody has done their own take on this golden goddess look, so I decided to take mine in a more statuesque direction. Also, let me just say that I have no idea if gold leaf is safe to put on your skin but yolo, amirite? 

I started with a warm foundation and mixed in a liquid highlighter (I used Nyx Liquid Illuminator in Pure Gold) to get a bronzed, glowy look. I highlighted the typical areas with Sun Beam by Benefit. You can use whichever highlighters you have or can get your hands on, you don’t need to spend much money, but I like these two because they are very gold. 

To get that statue look, I used a dark brown cream contour to really carve out my cheeks, collarbones, and I did a really harsh contour on my nose, extending up to my brows. I used Red Ochre from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette in my crease, and then used a bronze cream shadow all over my lid and underneath my eye. I chose these colors because I really wanted something warm and romantic but still dramatic. 

The best part of this look is the gold leaf! I have to confess, reading is really hard for me sometimes so I failed to see that I accidentally grabbed COPPER leaf, but that’s not really a problem, I kinda like it better. I got mine at Michaels. To adhere the leaf, I used eyelash adhesive because I had it on hand and it works just fine, although it is a bitch to get off, but I like to suffer for fashion. I started under my chin and all down my neck, then contoured my cheeks even more with the leaf. I also applied this to the temple and forehead (only on one side, I like the asymmetry). I put this on my brows as well, for a sort of furrowed brow so it’s not too dainty. 

I finished off with fake lashes and some gold highlighter on my lips. I really love this look. It was pretty cheap and easy to do, and definitely is a step up from the typical, store-bought goddess look. The leaf is striking and catches so much light, people won’t be able to keep from staring. Check back on Monday for our next fierce look!

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