Halloween Series: Vampire Victim 

Humans have long been fascinated by the idea of vampires. There’s a reason that they are still very prominent in pop culture, and why they are probably the most popular Halloween costume of all time. Everyone has there own idea of what a vampire represents, what it looks like, how it lives. The morbid look I decided to create is the transition from human life to the immortality of a vampire. I dunno, maybe I’ve been watching too many reruns of AHS: Hotel. I have been actually, it’s a problem. Anyway, the point is I made this dope special effects bite wound and I’m gonna show you how to do it too. 

For face makeup, I started with a foundation several shades lighter than my skin tone, to get that nice pale drained look. I went with a heavy and dark smokey eye, exaggerated winged liner, and sharp brows. I contoured like normal, but using a mixture of brown and grey shades to really sink in my face. A burgundy lip (I used Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen) certainly helps with the whole vampy thing. Take those same contour shades and use them to accentuate your collarbone and neck. 

Continuing on with the face, now it’s time to add some character. Using watered down black eyeshadow, I drew tears streaming down my cheeks, because I imagine that having a chunk of your neck bitten off would make you cry. For the rest of the look, I pretty much switched back and forth between Buon Fresco and Red Ochre from the Modern Renaissance palette by ABH. Taking the mauve shade, I messily blended the powder around my nose and all along the inner corners of my eyes, starting at the  browbone and coming down underneath the eye to create dark bags. Using the dark red shade and a fine tip paint brush, draw hairline veins coming from the eyes and forehead. 

Now on to the bite! I used paint brushes to apply the same red and mauve shadows to create a lot of texture, focusing the red more towards the center where the bite will be. I drew on more veins stemming out from the center of the bite and across my chest, neck, and jawline. The bite itself is deceptively easy, even if you think you aren’t able to draw. I used concealer to create the shape of the bite. The lighter shade is going to give the illusion that this skin is raised. Draw two thin C shapes facing each other, then draw lines coming down, separating the teeth marks, and gently blend out any harsh lines on the inside of the bite only! To create the fang marks, extend and curve the fourth tooth on either side of the top bite. Shade the outside of each C with black to make the skin look even more raised. On the inside of each tooth mark, start with the dark red eyeshadow and blend outward toward the center. Then go back in with black to create depth, keeping it closer to the outside. I spent an hour drawing this bite, adding depth and layers and blending and shading until it was just right. Then I ended up covering the whole damn thing in fake blood so most of it didn’t matter. Don’t lose faith if the drawing and shading aren’t perfect, the blood can easily conceal any mistakes. 

Paint on fake blood on each teeth mark, and splattered around your neck. To help make the fang marks look even deeper than the other teeth, concentrate some more blood there and let it drip down in traditional vampire-bite form. And there you have it! An easy, beautiful, and haunting look with maximum payoff. This bite wound is striking and graphic, and can easily be used with other costumes as well. Enjoy!

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