Halloween Series: Mermaid

So I was at Michael’s looking for some props and things for other costume ideas, and they had some fishing net. I thought, “Damn, that would be so perfect if I was doing a mermaid! Too bad I’m not. That’s such a great find! Someone should really use that though.” And then I left. Cause I’m a dumbass. Then it occurred to me that maybe I should be the person to do a mermaid costume with that net. So I went back and bought it and now here we are. 

So I took the netting and cut it up a little bit to make a collar. I just hot glued some shells, starfish, and fake plants to it- all from Michael’s- and then used some brown eyeshadow to grunge them up a little.

For base makeup, I took a pale foundation and added a very small amount of blue cream paint to give it just a slight tinge. You can certainly add blue more if you want that to look like your actual skin color, but I was going for more of a drowned, underwater look- like you had normal skin but you’ve been in the water for way too long. I set this with a shit ton (actual measurement) of translucent powder. To contour my cheekbones, I used a matte navy blue shade. I wanted a really sunken in look, but start light and then build up from there since you don’t want it to compete with the blue on your temples, as that’s the real focus. On the eyes and face, I mostly used a combination of three products. The first and most important two are the Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows in Glass Slipper and Savage. You don’t need these but I found that they really made the whole look effective. Glass Slipper is an iridescent greenish silver color, and Savage is a very reflective dark teal. The third star of this look is Nyx Face & Body Glitter in Ice. It’s similar to Glass Slipper, but it’s a loose powder and it’s even more intensely pigmented. 

For the eyes, I packed on Savage from my inner corner, up to the brow bone, and out to the temples. This doesn’t have to be perfect by any means, it can be fairly random. On my cheekbones and forehead, where the teal ends, I packed on Glass Slipper to help transition from that dark color to my skin tone. In my crease, I went in with that matte navy shade just to add a little depth. I put a black base in my lids, which isn’t really necessary but it makes the color payoff so much greater. I packed Glass Slipper onto that base, and brought it down into the inner corner. I pretty much mirrored the look on the bottom lashline, and then topped the whole thing off with false lashes. To really make the temples shine, I used my finger to add the loose glitter in Ice. Using eyelash adhesive, I placed a few little pieces of copper leaf to break up the blue and add more texture. 

I put blue liquid lipstick in my brows, which was totally unnecessary but if you’re feeling it, go for it. I highlighted the rest of my face with Glass Slipper, and added even more glitter to my cheekbones and nose. I really wasn’t sure what to do about the lips, so I ended up applying a matte grey lipstick and used Savage to blend out the edges. What you end up with is an ombré effect but also a slightly messy, blended lip line, which I actually think suits this look. I put just a touch of Ice in the middle of my lips because it was looking a little too matte, and also I couldn’t put down the glitter.

To create a more cohesive look, I took Savage and made a sharp line under my chin and jaw and then blended it down my neck messily. I highlighted my collarbone with Glass Slipper, and then packed glitter over the whole damn thing. I put coconut oil in my hair for that wet-but-not look, although I don’t recommend it if you’re wearing this out. It looks great but obviously it’s oily and can not only ruin your clothes but can remove your makeup too, so maybe stick with some hair gel. 

I really wanted to steer away from the typical mermaid makeup, with scales and all that, and go for something that just looks aquatic. Plus I wanted an excuse to cover myself in glitter. Like my whole goddamn body. I hope you like my take in this very popular costume. It’s sexy but also eerily otherworldly. See you on Monday with our next sexy/ creepy look! 👻

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