Halloween Series: Sugar Skull Half-Face

So after an exhausting weekend at work, for whatever reason I thought it would be a great idea to do a super complex and detailed sugar skull look for today’s makeup. I’m gonna be honest, by the time I had finished the glamour half, the torn skin, and blocked out my brow, I was so over this shit. In retrospect, I would have much rather done a normal skull, because blending and shading is much easier/ more effective than painstakingly drawing on thin, clean lines. But alas I did not, and this still looks badass so I guess my blood, sweat, and tears were worth it.

I used a nude eyeliner to map out the tears in the skin where the skull would be peaking out, and then applied foundation to either side of my face and neck. I used my normal foundation for the glamour side, and a very fair color for the skull portion. I didn’t want them to be drastically different colors but feel free to make the skull any color you want- since it’s a sugar skull, you can really go ham with color if you want. I did my normal makeup in the glamour side, making sure everything looked extra sharp. 

I then started shading in the tear. I left the nude liner I had used to map it out as a highlight, and then used grey shadow on the opposite side. You want to place the shadow anywhere the skull is peaking out, because that is recessed under the skin, and will give the illusion that the skin is sitting on top. I blended out the grey as much as possible, and slowly built it up, leaving certain areas darker than others to create more depth. Feel free to make this tear bloody too! I felt like I already have done a few gory looks, so I wanted to keep this one a little prettier, but honestly some blood would look dope. 

For the neck, I kept it very dark and shaded in a few ridges of what I imagine would be the trachea, but I’m no scientist so do whatever. I shaded a little bit of the temple to create a more skull-like shape, and then started on the eye. I blocked out this eyebrow, but it was completely unnecessary so I don’t recommend you do it. Just fill in the eye socket with black in whatever shape you like. Typically, sugar skulls have very round sockets, but again I wanted to keep it a little more skull-like. 

I drew in the nose and filled it in. For the eye and nose, I used Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean and then set it with Blackjack  from the UD Naked Ultimate Basics palette. I used a felt tip liner to draw on a few cracks for some extra texture. For the filigree, I ended up using a liquid eyeliner, which was much more difficult to control and get those sharp curved lines, but oh well! I would have liked to do more, but honestly I was loosing steam and it wasn’t going on as well as I would have liked, but this look is completely up to your interpretation. Like I said before, add color, create all different designs and shapes, they even make stickers for sugar skull makeup so you don’t have to draw it!

For lips, I used beige and mauve liquid lipsticks and blended them together to create a very cool toned/ undead look, and then penciled in the teeth on top. Throw a few flowers in you hair to drive home the sugar skull look, and you’re done. While I am happy with the finished result, I don’t recommend this as a last minute look. It took several hours and a lot of patience, but if you are committed to it and stick with it, you’ll end up with an insanely gorgeous look that everyone will be jealous of. 

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