Halloween Series: Broken Doll

Cracked and broken porcelain dolls are very popular this time of year on the Instagram/ YouTube spheres. Probably because they’re sweet and pretty but just a tad creepy. As with the rest of this series, I wanted to do my take on a popular concept and make it easy and cheap to recreate while still looking dope af. This look was way more simple than it seems and didn’t require any purchases, so I consider it a success, plus it’s adorable and weird, so how can you not love it?

Fist things first, you gotta block out your brows. To do so, I used a nontoxic, washable gluesick. I first coated my brows in a downward motion. Let it be known that this process will make you painfully aware of how long your eyebrow hair is and it will not feel good. Once they were coated and facing down, I recoated them, forcing them straight up. Wipe off any excess glue that might have gotten on you skin, or else the texture will be apparent when you apply foundation. Let that dry completely and then powder the shit out of them, pressing the powder in firmly instead of swiping. I then applied a generous amount of concealer to them. You will look horrifying. In fact, if you want a super simple costume idea, just block out your brows and people will run from you in horror.

Now that you look nice and crazy, you can start on you base makeup. I used a super pale foundation, which you can easily mix white cream paint into your normal foundation if you don’t have any on hand, or just use what you have. To really get that porcelain look, I wanted my skin to be very pale and completely flawless. I powdered that with a translucent powder (or you can use white eyeshadow) and then drew on my brows because I couldn’t stand to look at myself any longer. I used a super sharp black pencil liner and drew very thin, arched lines directly above my natural brows. For eyes, I used a mauve shadow (Buon Fresco from the Modern Renaissance palette) and created an exaggerated cut crease, making the new “crease” very round and doll like. I blended that shade up to my natural brow. I lined my upper lids very closely using black liner, extending the line straight down for a more doe-eyed appearance. I used the same mauve shade on my lower lashline, and drew on some long feathery lower lashes using brown eyeshadow and a paint brush. Fill in your waterline white and top off with big fake lashes. 

I contoured the bottom of my nose just a little so it was slightly more rounded. I skipped the rest of my contour and went straight in with a heaping amount of pink blush just on the apples of my cheeks. I added faux freckles by alternating between brown eyeshadow and a felt tip liner. For lips, I used a pink liquid lipstick to create a very rounded mouth, pretty much overlining the top and bottom and bringing it in on the corners so it didn’t extend out to the actual corners of my mouth. I lined that with black liner for a more drawn on effect. 

Now for the cracks! Using that same VERY sharp black pencil liner (you can use liquid liner, gel liner, cream paint, whatever), I mapped out where I wanted the cracks. I started with the two big missing pieces and worked out. Use a reference photo if you like to really see what porcelain looks like broken. The cracks tend to shatter outward from one central area, with smaller shards missing in between. Once you have an idea of how you want the cracks to look, fill in the larger pieces. Again, use whatever, but after mapping everything out, I filled in and went back over everything with black cream paint and then set it with matte black shadow so the missing pieces looked solid and uniformly black. What really sells these cracks are the highlighting and shading. I used a taupe eyeshadow and started to create dimension underneath each crack. On the opposite side of each shadow, I used a white cream paint (white liner or eyeshadow will work just as well) to highlight the edges. Obviously the cracks aren’t exactly uniform, so you might have to do a little guesswork to figure out where each little shadow/ highlight would fall, but take your time since this will really bring the look to life. 

While it might sound complicated, it’s really a simple process and wasn’t even very time consuming. I’m so happy with the result. I wish I could look like this every day, to be honest. Like I said, it’s adorable and creepy and weird in all the right ways. I really encourage you to try this look out and get creative with it. It’s so fun and there really are an endless amount of ways you could make this your own. Be sure to check back on Monday for our final Halloween look! 👻

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