Halloween Series: Witch

It’s finally Halloween! And let’s be real, Halloween is meant to be scary. So with this final look, of course I had to do the quintessential witch. I was heavily inspired by Lady Gage’s witch on AHS: Roanoke– which, if you haven’t been watching, you oughta start- but I decided to take it in an even darker direction. Something a little more satanic, if you will, because, like I said, this shit’s supposed to be scary. It’s certainly a creative stray from the stereotypical witch, but that’s the beauty of Halloween- you can be whoever you want. 

In American Horror Story, Lady Gaga wears this awesomely creepy DIY skull headpiece, so I created my own using Model Magic. It was supper easy, I just sculpted out the skull and then painted it with watercolors once it had fully dried. I found some wire rope used for florist designs and used that to tie the piece on. 

I used my normal foundation to get a good base, and I made sure not to set it, because I wanted the powders on top to look blotchy and messy rather than smoothly blended. I used the darkest shade in the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette to contour and “dirty” up my face a little, just messily patting it on. I did it in patches down my neck as well, and contoured my collarbones too. For brows, I brushed them straight up and then filled in a few places with a pencil, going for a more bushy appearance. I then started in on the eyes using a mauve eyeshadow and took that straight across my face from the outermost part of my brow and over the bridge of my nose to the other side, almost creating a mask. I then added depth to my eyes using a few different contour shades, keeping it very messy and undone.

I used black tooth paint from Party City and coated my mouth in this stuff. It was super awesome, and I definitely recommend this stuff because the end result was wonderfully disgusting. I ran that same mauve eyeshadow around my mouth and then blended black shadow on the inner portions of my lips. I dabbed a little blood in the corners because I just had to. For the gnarly ritualistic cuttings, I first went in with a nude lip liner and sketched out the shapes very lightly. I used  the mauve shadow to add a little bit of irritation around the cuts, and some yellow too to create a slight bruising effect. I used white cream paint to highlight the edges for a more raised appearance, and then used a fine tip paintbrush to add the blood. 

On my neck, I applied the blood a little more heavily because I wanted that cut to look deeper. I smudged some of the edges out, and then smeared the fake blood all over my neck and shoulders.

I have to say, I love this look but damn is it creepy. I wasn’t even sure that I would post it because it’s a little unnerving to me. There’s definitely some sick shit happening here, but if you’re gonna go in a scary direction for Halloween, you might as well go all out. 

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this Halloween Series. I’m sad to see it go- it’s the only time of year where my expensive degree in Costume Design actually becomes relevant. I hope you were able to draw inspiration for your own makeup and learned a few cool things. Have fun tonight, be safe, and eat a ton of candy (not like it stops me any other day)!

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