Fall Style Trends: Accessories 

Trying to narrow down my favorite accessories for f/w 2016 is like asking a parent which child is their favorite. I can’t choose just a few. But I somehow managed to pick out my favorites of the season for this exhaustive list of essentials.I have several pairs of over-the-knee boots that I’ve bought within the last three months. I love not only the way they elongate your legs, but also the way they look layered under midi dresses and long chunky sweaters (check back on Monday to see them dressed up a few different ways). These taupe suede boots are from DSW. Unfortunately, they don’t carry this exact style anymore, but they have tons of thigh high boots in similar styles. They have a chunky wooden heel that isn’t too tall and makes them super comfortable. They buckle behind the thigh, but still have a looser fit above the knee. These are my favorite “every day” knee high boots- they are subtle and compliment an endless amount of outfits, but have enough style to stand on their own. These fierce boots are from Forever 21. They are faux suede, with a sexy, pointed toe and stiletto heel. They don’t have much stretch, and they only have a thin string around the top to tie behind the back, so they tend to slide down. That being said, they are great basic, ultra sexy boots for winter nights out.I know Sonny is very distracting, but please try to focus on these gorgeous shoes. These boots are from H&M, and look almost identical to the ones above but are much better quality. This plum color is to die for, and I can’t get enough of it. What makes these better is that they lace up the back- about the top few inches- and so they stay high up on your leg. These boots are such showstoppers that I really don’t ever want to take them off. These booties from Primark are so on trend I had to have them. Clear and metallic heels seem to be everywhere on Instagram. This silver heel gives a futuristic edge to any simple outfit. Not only are they comfortable but these boots definitely a statement piece for trendy wardrobe. Velvet boots are stunning always, and this steel-toe burgundy pair is no exception. Velvet is also super on trend for this season, and these shoes are comfortable while still injecting your outfit with a little luxury. Navy blue is always chic and classic, but these suede boots are simple and easy while still very put together. The color elevates this simple style  beautifully.These Primark flats- in a burgundy velvet with gold embroidered stars- look so much like the Prada Cahier Astrology bag (the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on) that I couldn’t pass them up. They are sweet and add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.These oxblood loafers, also from Primark, offer a classic style in a super trendy, chic color. They dress up an otherwise causal or laid back outfit. Okay, so that’s *most* of the shoes I bought recently, so now I’d better get to purses. On the left is a bone colored, leather Kate Spade bag. It’s huge, holds doggy poop bags, an emery board, a first aid kit, a thousand lipsticks, and all the other shit I have in my bag. It’s super transitional, so I decided to include it because it really suits any season. Center is a newer bag I got a Primark (surprise). It’s very small, and barely fits the essentials, but it’s nice to downsize at times, and the colors are delightfully autumnal. On the right is my pride and joy- my Fendi Silvana bag. The colors are perfect for spring and fall, and the leather is amazing quality. If you have a need for designer bags but don’t want to spend a ton, Trendlee is a fantastic website. They sell gently used bags (only high-end, certified luxury brands) for a fraction of the price new. I got this bag preowned, in new condition, for 20% the original cost. Not bad.Left is a very new addition to my collection, an oxblood leather Mulberry purse. This was bought new, and it’s a beautiful classic bag that compliments any fall/winter outfit. Next is an ultra trendy backpack from H&M, suede and leather, in the same stunning plum colors as my boots. It’s been my go-to for everyday errands- easy to grab and throw over your back, and the style is chic af.I am always a sucker for sunglasses, and I needed a few updated styles to add to my collection. They are all from Forever 21-duh- and so far, they all seem to be relatively good quality, plus they all look pretty damn glamorous.Hats and scarves are the last pieces I’ll touch on in this post. A grey knit beanie is a great neutral accessory for a cold winter day. This one was super cheap from H&M. I paired it with a dark burgundy and green plaid scarf, that is so chunky and cozy. The colors are rich and very in during the cold weather months. This hat from Primark is another neutral beanie. I bought this one because it’s a little more fitted and compliments my hair color. It’s comfy and warm and pairs well with almost anything. This mauve scarf from H&M is so chic, with its minimalistic white stitched stripes. The last hat on my list is always my favorite for fall- grey wool with a pale blue ribbon detail- from Free People. It’s so beautiful and always adds sophistication and class. Another minimalist scarf from H&M, this white and navy piece is beautifully simple and perfect for nicer evenings out. 

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