Wintery Duo-Chrome Eye

A few months back, I bought a few of the Nyx Prismatic Shadows and I’ve been dying to do a tutorial like this since. The look of duo-chrome shadow just seems so luxurious to me. With holiday parties just a few weeks away, I figured it was time for a glam, sultry, cold-weather look.  Despite being quite time consuming, this look was actually pretty easy, so let’s get right into it.For base makeup, I used one of my favorites, UD Naked Skin foundation in 4.0- I mean look at it, it’s amazing. For bronzer, I used UD Baked Bronzer in Sun-Kissed and Too Faced Chocolate Soliel as a contour. For lips, I opted for a cool-toned nude liquid lipstick because I like the contrast with the warm tones on the eyes and skin. For that, I went with good ol’ Nyx Lingerie in Corset. And as always, I filled in my brows using ABH Dipbrow in Taupe. After priming the eyes, I started with a nude base shadow (Nudie from the UD Naked Ultimate Basics)- this look is a lot of layering to get dimension and a nice gradient. After building that up in the crease, I followed with Burnt Orange from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette for some warmth, and then added further dimension to the crease with Faith and Extra Bitter from the Ultimate Basics palette. I spent a lot of time blending this crease and slowly building up the pigment. After a million years of blending until my hands were numb and raw, I went in with the two lid shades. Starting with Savage, a metallic navy, I packed that on the entire lid, carefully and painstakingly blending the edges up into the crease colors. I added a dark brown shadow (Cyprus Umber from Modern Renaissance) to help add to the duo-chrome effect, only on the outer corners. On the center of the eyelid, I topped it off with Glass Slipper, a metallic sea foam shade, applying it with a damp brush for a more foiled effect. I also used this as a highlighter, which is a little intense and probably not suitable for everyday but who am I to tell you how to live your life? I finished the look off with Eylure London Luxe lashes in Opulent and like ten coats of mascara cause I am about that life. This makeup ended up being probably one of my favorite looks to date, and I’m super excited to wear this literally everywhere. 

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