Valentine’s Day Pt. 2🌹

This second look for Valentine’s Day is something a little more sexy, for a glammed up night out. It’s a totally different vibe but just as easy to recreate.Born This Way foundation is my go-to, so of course I started with that. Bronzer as always, but I opted out of highlighter since the eye look has a lot going on. For the eyes, I started with a black base (Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean by Nyx) and packed on Trick by Urban Decay on the inner corner and Minx by Tarte. In the crease, I used the Modern Renaissance palette, starting with Love Letter (appropriate af), and then deepening the color with Venetian Red and Red Ochre. For a thick wing, I used Nyx Vinyl Liquid Liner, since it applies well over glittery shadows. Love Letter on the bottom lashes, and Glam by Tarte in the inner corner. False lashes finish off the eye.Lipstick is Nyx Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt (also appropriate af). For a glam hair style, I opted for a more retro curl (curling the hair towards your face and brushing out), although I immediately regretted this once I realized that bangs look stupid as fuck when you curl them like that. But you live and you learn. I had a couple pink dresses to choose from, but for whatever reason I went with this camel colored number. It’s a good pick though, in a classic color with sex appeal for days. 

Have a fun Valentine’s Day! Whatever your plans are, be sure to eat lots of chocolate. Check back on Friday for some new artwork and a few updates. 👋🏼👋🏼

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