Bubble Universe

The “bubble universe” theory is totally dope, and if you don’t know about it you should do yourself a favor and google up eternal inflation. Anyway, this is my take on a bubble universe. Or rather, the creation of said universe. Here’s a few good close-ups and a few extra progress pics. Also bear with me, I know things are a little all over the place right now. I’m trying to figure out a clear direction and how I can piece all the things I love to do into one cohesive way. Also there’s other bullshit (apartment hunting, etc) that is taking up so much brain space, and I can barely tie my shoes so that’s all very hard for me. Thanks for hanging in there with me! Base layer of watercolor.Little more detail, a very slow building of color and texture. Finished paint, still looking very naked.Finished off with pen and ink.

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