Boyfriend Jeans

This is just a quick post for a drawing I finished last week. A tatted up cool girl in some slouchy boyfriend jeans. But I do have an anecdote for you.

Although she’s not meant to be me, of course I had to model her after myself. I have an identical tattoo on my wrist. I did it myself drunkenly in art school at 17 years old with an X-acto knife, because I’m literally insane. At the time, I remember it being related to some celestial body, but I was inebriated and never really looked into it afterwards. Over the last ten years, I’ve had people ask me about it and I just tell them I’m not sure what it is. So a month or so back, a friend of mine asked me again, and I decided to try and google it. Sure enough, I found it! After all this time, I now know that what I tattooed on myself is the symbol for Uranus. Uranus. 17 year old me was such an asshole… Anyway, here’s this painting, enjoy!

A few progress pics, with just watercolor and a white gel pen, before I went back in with black ink. Attempting not to blend was horrifying at the time, but I’m happy with the result.

Bonus picture! Just so you have a clear idea of what a piece of shit I am. Have a great week!

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